Products Body Must Haves

  • Enriched Moisturising Body Lotion [Dry Skin - 200ml Bottle]

    A super potent moisturising and anti-ageing body lotion, which has been proven to increase the skin’s moisture level by an average of 65% after 30 days of treatment. Effective at soothing and calming irritated and sunburned skin as well as dry skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

  • Body Sculpting Gel [200ml Bottle]

    An effective body gel containing a mixture of active ingredients and caffeine to target cellulite areas and to help reduce the appearance of orange peel. In clinical trials, 3 out of 4 claimed that this was the best cellulite product that they had every used.

  • Xtra Dry Skin Fix [120ml]

    A super effective crème which helps to moisturise and repair the skin as well as maintain a high level of moisture throughout the day. Perfect for use on any dry patches, chapped or damaged skin including on the hands, feet, elbows.

  • La Forte, Beauty Tablets [60 Tablets]

    This revolutionary beauty tablet combines the best from the sea with the best from herbs.The tablets work from within to rejuvenate the skin and fight free radicals and premature aging. Contains a well documented Marine Compound, known to rejuvenate collagen and the unique herb Rooibos from South Africa.

  • D-Force Vitalizing Body Creme [D-Force Risk Management]

    A unique anti-aging body crème that provides natural Vitamin D to the skin as well as three types of Vitamin A esters to fight signs of aging, sun damage and to rejuvenate the skin. It also contains Vitamin E, which acts as an anti-oxidant to fight free radicals and natural squalane, which penetrates the skin for intense hydration.

  • Scars and Stripes [100ml]

    An intensive anti-aging treatment for the prevention and treatment of scares and stretch marks. It contains four active ingredients to help reduce the visible appearance of stretch marks, improve thin aging skin on the neck, decollete and back of hands, reduce redness and normalize the structural changes in the skin that cause scares and stretch marks.


Here comes the bride

Prana professionals actively work with you, getting your skin and hair in perfect condition, leading up to the big day. Also helping you, your Mother and bridesmaids on the day – to look perfect in our high definition makeup.

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