Clinical Trials

Beauté Pacifiqué operates a highly scientific research and development programme with strong links to medical and academic institutions. It is from being at the forefront of scientific knowledge, in the area of dermatology, that they are able to develop products that show a demonstratable benefit.

Below are some simple as well as more detailed clinical trials.

  • Life After 40 - Beauty Tabs

    La Forte – Beauty Tabs

    Clients who took this revolutionary beauty tablet, which helps prevent premature ageing, restores the skin’s resilience and firmness and helps relieve dry skin problems, saw fantastic results.


  • Enriched Moisturising Body Lotion Trial

    Enriched Moisturising Body Lotion Trial

    This super potent moisturising body lotion has been well documented to increase the skin moisture level by an average of 65% after thirty days of treatment.


  • article3

    Clinical Observations Report on Métamorphique

    As a Dermatologist I started implementing Metamorphique Vitamin A anti-wrinkle crème in January 2004 for patients with actinic degeneration of the skin (sun damaged skin with pre-stages of skin cancer).


  • article4

    Cutaneous Absorption Trial

    Vitamin A derivatives (retinoids) have been demonstrated to stabilize cutaneous free radicals. Retinoids have subsequently been used in reduction of cutaneous photo aging and photocarcinogenisis.


  • article5

    A Suction Blister Experiment

    More than 90% of dietary retinol is in the form of esters, usually retinyl palmitate. Intestinal absorption following ingestions approximating daily requirements is complete.


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