Clinical Trials Clinical Observations Report on Métamorphique

Vitamin A anti-wrinkle crème from Beauté Pacifique, Denmark – May24th 2006

As a Dermatologist I started implementing Metamorphique Vitamin A anti-wrinkle crème in January 2004 for patients with actinic degeneration of the skin (sun damaged skin with pre-stages of skin cancer). I use the Metamorphique crème on patients because skin cancer patients often have damaged and thin skin that usually needs care.

Approximately six months after implementing Metamorphique Vitamin A crème in treating pre-stage skin cancer.
I started using the skin ultrasound scanner from Cortex Technology, a company also owned by the founder of Beauté Pacifique.
By scanning the skin my observations now became visualized in a very convincing way. My observations are therefore well
documented on several patients.

My clinic is the largest of its kind in Scandinavia and I have more than 100 patients coming every day. I have
used the Mètamorphique crème on more than 500 patients.


My observations have been that in about 4-5 months after each treatment with the Metamorphique crème I
repeatedly noticed surprising and significant changes with my patients:

  • Patients had none or just a single pre-stage cancer when they returned for their next consultation. See attached journals.
  • Patients had stronger and softer and smoother skin (see scans), due to structural changes.
  • Skin redness was reduced significantly.
  • Sun-damaged skin was restored to normal.
  • Additional skin ultrasound scanning shows that the collagen fibres have increased significantly in the upper part of dermis. In addition the epidermis has thickened and regained a more regular surface.

A Typical Case

A typical example of my clinical observations is the following one of my patients had multiple actinic keratoses on face, breast and hands on the outer side, with continuous development of new signs of skin changes. I usually treat actinica keratosis with N2 liquid, curretage and surgery relative to type, stage and size. These treatments make actinic keratoses go away but do not prevent new stages from developing.

About one month after treating this patient by applying Metamorphique Crème on the patient’s face I noticed the face became smoother and restructured with no new elements of actinic keratoses, whereas on the breast and the hands new elements had occurred.

Professional Opinion

In my opinion the Metamorphique Crème from Beautè Pacifique is a ground-breaking product for protecting the skin from the formation of pre-cancerous developments. This is an entirely new way of formulating vitamin A as a type Ester in a cream.

From my observations, the Metamorphique Crème reduces new pre-stages of skin cancer by 80-90%. I always advise people with sensitive and light skin to use the Metamorphique Crème as a protecting crème against the development of skin cancer.

It is important to note that the crème itself does not cure skin cancer or pre-stage skin cancer, but it reduces the number of new stages and the very pre-stages of skin cancer, significantly. It is still important though, to complement the treatment with sun protection for skin cancer patients.

MD, Uffe Gjede
Registered specialist in dermatology, Denmark and Sweden
President for the practical dermatologists in Western Denmark

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