Blog \\ Boost Your Hydration Levels

Most of us are aware of how important it is to protect our skins from the outside by applying the right creams and protecting ourselves from the sun. But we often forget about keeping our skin in peak condition from the inside out. Too much alcohol, smoking, late nights and stress all take a big toll on our skin! We can help ourselves by drinking lots of water to re-hydrate our skins, eating a variety of colourful fruits and vegetables (these are rich in anti-oxidants) and getting plenty of sleep and regular exercise.

When we look and feel great, our whole attitude to life takes a different turn and we feel more confident and positive!

To boost your hydration levels and give your skin a treat from the inside out, Beauté-Pacifique has a a revolutionary beauty tablet that works from within to rejuvenate the skin and to help restore your skin’s resilience and firmness. They are also great for relieving dry skin problems as in eczema, psoriasis.

The tablets contain a well documented marine compound, which works on the deepest layers of the skin to help renew and firm the collagen and fibre structure, as well as very high concentrations of Rooibos, which is rich in anti-oxidants and fights free radicals to help prevent premature ageing.

Within a few months, the results that you will see in your skin and nails will ensure that these tablets become a part of your daily nutritional routine and you don’t have to wait until you after 40 to start taking them!

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